We have now passed the 400+ mark for SMEs and other participants registered in the ENCQOR 5G program. This new milestone demonstrates the great interest in the potential and possibilities of 5G technology among companies in Quebec and Ontario that come from a multitude of sectors of activity.

Despite the constraints posed by COVID-19, this shows that these SMEs continue to innovate and develop new 5G solutions. Their efforts may contribute to building a strong 5G ecosystem in Canada, that can help through the recovery of our economy.

SMEs wishing to access ENCQOR 5’s iPaaS platform can submit an application by going to the following links for Quebec; and Ontario.

An environment conducive to creativity and innovation
In a context where 5G is becoming more and relevant in Canada, ENCQOR 5G provides SMEs, academia and industry with a pre-commercial 5G platform for the development and testing of new 5G applications and prototypes, which can help accelerate product adaptations for 5G or demonstrate new ideas.

The ENCQOR 5G program is now more relevant than ever to help SMEs in Quebec and Ontario make the 5G shift as the demand for new solutions and applications in this field is set to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Pierre Boucher
General Manager
Innovation ENCQOR