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Together with ENCQOR, Mitacs is helping you pioneer 5G solutions

Who we are

Mitacs is an independent, not-for-profit organization that fosters global growth and innovation. We help companies access the talent, technology, and strategic partnerships they need to innovate and grow.

  • Over 20 years as a leader in Canada’s innovation ecosystem
  • $770M invested in research since 2009
  • 100+ post-secondary partners
  • 6,000+ business partners
  • 33,000 researchers in our network

What we can do for you

Advancing 5G technology is one of today’s leading areas of research and innovation. For small and medium enterprises, getting the resources you need — including research and financial support — can be a challenge.

At Mitacs, we:

Identify and access the research talent you need

  • With our extensive network of college, polytechnic and university partners, and a 70-member business development team embedded at those institutions, we have access to a huge pool of talent to work on your business solutions

Provide funding to leverage your budget

Our funding model is flexible and responsive (only applicable for projects carried out in Quebec):

  • For standard projects you pay only 50% of the cost and that percentage could be partially reimbursed by ENCQOR according to the ENCQOR program terms

Fast-track proposals

  • For Mitacs projects related to COVID-19, we have streamlined our processes so your project can be approved faster

Expanded the role that college students can play

  • For a limited time, college students can be added to the development portion of COVID-19 Mitacs projects

Amended some programs and increased flexibility

  • We have launched a one-time call for proposals partnering postdoctoral fellows with SMEs for year-long COVID-19-related research projects
  • And for the first time, we are allowing participants to work from home

Thank you for your interest in ENCQOR. We look forward to innovating alongside you!

Leverage your budgets, get the talent you need, and accelerate your 5G projects!

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