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The ENCQOR Project, spearheaded by five global digital technology leaders — Ciena, Ericsson, Thales Canada, CGI and IBM Canada — will mobilise large businesses, SMEs, the public and semi-public sectors, public research centres and universities.

Whether you are a researcher, an IT professional, a student or an entrepreneur; whether your company is actively engaged in the technology sector or simply wants to make the shift to 5G, ENCQOR has a value proposition to suit each of these types of users.


Starting in the Fall of 2018, ENCQOR will give you access to two open innovation hubs: one at CENTECH, at Montreal’s ÉTS, the other in the space of the Thales Research Center and Mixed Research Unit in Urban Sciences (UMRsu). These hubs will house ENCQOR’s technological infrastructure in Quebec. You will have on-site access, with remote access also available for most of the technologies offered.

Actual state-of-the-art development and test beds, the infrastructure available at these two innovation hubs will enable you to develop and test platforms and new next generation products and services using the 5G network.

In addition, these innovation hubs will offer many complementary services outside their technological infrastructures to help users gain the full potential of 5G networking. Notably, through technical support, training, workshops and conferences.


Whether to develop or to test a product, solution or service, or to carry out an adoption of fifth generation wireless, ENCQOR has numerous programs to suit your needs.

Innovation platforms

ENCQOR puts leading-edge infrastructure at your disposal to help you develop and test your technology solutions with a 5G broadband network.


Financing IT Projects

Financing will be made available for technology projects in pre-commercial mode to develop and test next-generation products and services using ENCQOR 5G digital infrastructure and technology.

Adoption Projects

This component will solicit innovative use cases of ENCQOR 5G digital infrastructure and technology in diverse sectors to illustrate their real-world application.

Collaborative R&D Projects

SMEs, universities and research centers can work with ENCQOR members to develop, integrate, test and validate technologies in pre-commercial mode using ENCQOR 5G digital infrastructure and technology.


Quebec students and recent graduates will get a chance to 5G digital knowledge and know-how through participation in the ENCQOR Project’s various programs. More information on ENCQOR Talent programs will follow. Bookmark this page to keep up with program updates.


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