ENCQOR 5G Webinars

5G at your doorstep

The speakers

The webinar brings together 5G and Vertical Industry experts to discuss the potential of the 5th Generation of Cellular Network in developing new disruptive use cases and a technology edge for the industry ecosystem in Québec

The delivery

  • 100+ participants for every webinar coming from across Québec.

  • The format of the webinar focuses on high quality content and participants interaction in a very well moderated fashion.

  • ENCQOR 5G is developing a calendar and topics for the next 5 webinars in collaboration with industry experts. The first series will focus on 5G and business continuity.

The goals

  • Exploratory access to 5G for all

  • Making industry expertise accessible

  • Demystifying 5G technology for the SMEs

  • Reach out to companies in the entire province

The content

The webinar is structured around 3 sections:

1. Presentation of 5G technology and ENCQOR existing capabilities

2. Zoom on a horizontal building block / on industry use cases

3. Showcase of a 5G project by an ENCQOR ecosystem company

Interested companies can contact Khalil Laaboudi by email:

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