How to obtain funding for the achievement of your technological project

The technological projects draw on ENCQOR’s digital infrastructure and 5G technology and involve the development and testing of platforms, of new 5G-based next-generation products and services or contribute new knowledge about 5G networking. The projects must have TRL ratings of between 1 and 7.

Program Overview:

  • The companies receiving the grant must provide an in-kind contribution of approximately 50% of the eligible expenditures.
  • The maximum duration of a project shall be twelve (12) months. A three-month extension may be allowed at Prompt’s discretion.
  •  The financial contribution (grant) for the IT projects will be in the form of a reimbursement of up to 50% of eligible expenses for the project and will have an average value of $66,000.
    •  Prompt reserves the right to recommend a funding bonus of up to $150,000 for projects with high spin-off potential.
  • In the case of a project with many stakeholders, the principal applicant is considered to be solely responsible of the grant administration.


Evaluation criteria for eligible technological projects
In a non-restrictive way, the evaluation criteria for eligible funded technological projects are the following:

  • The project uses the 5 G infrastructures
  • A TRL rating of between 1 and 7
  • The project must require design time, R & D and engineering time to qualify as a funded project
  • Relevance of the project in a context of 5G
  • Ability of the business/organization/researcher to complete the project
  • Potential benefits for the project’s industrial partners
    • Number of jobs created or maintained
    • Potential new markets
    • New products, processes or services
    • Licenses and potential patents after the project completion
  • Social, economic and environmental benefits for Quebec

Bonus in weighting for collaborations with the public research sector (researchers and students).


In order to submit a request for a funded iPaaS TI project, you must first be accepted for regular access.

To do this, please fill out the form by clicking HERE.

For more information, please contact Antoine Auger, Director of Business Development


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