Pointe-Claire (Quebec), Wednesday, February 17, 2021 – VEXXHOST is excited to announce its collaboration with Ciena under the auspices of the ENCQOR 5G partnership in Canada. ENCQOR 5G is a transformational public-private partnership focused on the research and innovation of 5G technologies.

As certified specialists in hosting and management of OpenStack, VEXXHOST’s contributions to ENCQOR 5G will be to provide a fully managed service of the existing OpenStack cloud environment. By being the cloud computing partner of this initiative, VEXXHOST will be handling the internal cloud environment for the ENCQOR Compute network supported by Ciena and ensure that it is set up with best practices in place. The responsibility of VEXXHOST is to keep the IT resources of ENCQOR 5G up to date in its 5 innovation centers located  in Quebec (Montreal and Quebec City) and Ontario (Ottawa, Toronto and Waterloo) updated on the latest releases and secure the smooth functioning and efficiency of cloud resources.

ENCQOR has built a 5G network to enable companies of all sizes, IT professionals, researchers from the public and private sectors and post-graduate students to get early access to a state-of-the-art 5G development and test platform for prototyping new products and services. ENCQOR 5G now has five innovation hubs in Quebec and Ontario, located in Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Waterloo.

“We are thrilled to be working in collaboration with the Ciena-ENCQOR 5G team in support of this innovative initiative,” said Mohammed Naser, CEO of VEXXHOST. “This is a milestone project that helps set up smarter communities across Canada harnessing the possibilities of 5G and we are glad to provide our cloud services to enable it,” he added.

Founded in 2006, VEXXHOST Inc. is a Canadian cloud computing provider offering OpenStack powered public cloud, private cloud and consulting services to its customers. From small businesses to governments in over 150 different countries, VEXXHOST delivers high-level expertise to help clients optimize their cloud infrastructure. The company has two public cloud regions in North America (Montreal and Santa Clara) and one in Europe (Amsterdam), all running on the latest OpenStack releases and featuring the latest enterprise-grade hardware.

For more information, visit https://vexxhost.com or follow @vexxhost on Twitter.

The ENCQOR 5G initiative is funded by the governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, as well as key industry players: Ericsson, Ciena, Thales, CGI and IBM. ENCQOR 5G is coordinated by ENCQOR Innovation. It is issued in Ontario by OCE and in Quebec by Innovation ENCQOR, Prompt and ADRIQ. The program’s mandate is to bring together SMEs and the academic community to contribute to the advancement of research, innovation and application demonstration through a 5G pre-commercial testbed.



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