Mobilization and engagement activities within the ENCQOR 5G program are picking up pace this fall, despite the constraints posed by the pandemic.

Over the past few months, several SMEs in both Quebec and Ontario have participated in various virtual events, whether in the form of Demonstration Days, bootcamps or webinars. These events were made possible with the help of our mobilization partners Prompt and Adriq in Quebec and OCE in Ontario; our partners at the Centech, IID, MarS, Communitech and Invest Ottawa innovation hubs; several of our founding partners, namely Ericsson, Ciena, Thales; and SMEs that were willing to demonstrate what they were doing or wanted to achieve with 5G and their product or service.

These virtual events were opportunities for hundreds of participants to learn about and discover new applications of 5G in a wide variety of sectors; to gain a better understanding of the various possibilities offered by 5G through work carried out on the ENCQOR test bed; or to explore new technological advances using 5G, particularly in areas such as smart cities, the Internet of Critical Objects and the digital transformation of the industrial environment and augmented reality.

This sharing of 5G knowledge and expertise is playing a very important role in the development of an innovative 5G ecosystem in Canada that can compete internationally. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners involved in the organization of these events, as well as the participants.

The calendar of upcoming activities in Quebec and Ontario remains full as we soon turn the page on the year 2020. I invite SMEs and all players in the 5G universe in Quebec and Ontario to continue tuning in to the ENCQOR 5G programming, which, with the leadership of our innovation centers and our implementation partners, still promises many discoveries.

Pierre Boucher
General Manager