In recent weeks, ENCQOR 5G has continued to operate steadily despite the resurgence of the pandemic in Canada. The health provisions and measures taken by ENCQOR 5G and validated by the appropriate authorities ensure the efficient and safe continuity of our activities.

It should be noted that external access to ENCQOR 5G’s systems and network in our five innovation centers can be obtained by SMEs that request it. Internal access is also possible to sites that allow it, upon request, and must be done in compliance with the security guidelines in place.

It should also be noted that despite the pandemic, the number of new SMEs joining the ENCQOR 5G program continues to grow steadily, both in Quebec and Ontario. As of March 31, at the beginning of the pandemic, 316 SMEs were registered with ENCQOR 5G, whereas now the number has reached 450.

To apply for free access to the iPaaS platform of ENCQOR 5G and get more information on available access, SMEs can submit their requests through the following links: in Quebec and Ontario.

Our businesses in Quebec and Ontario therefore remain open and committed to innovation, despite the challenges posed by the current pandemic. This determination will greatly help us gradually build a strong and competitive 5G innovation ecosystem in Canada, paving the way for new export markets elsewhere in the world.