ENCQOR 5G welcomes the major economic priorities identified by the Premiers of Quebec and Ontario at their summit meeting on the 8th and 9th of September in Mississauga.

In their final communiqué at the end of their meeting, the two premiers agreed to give priority to the “recovery and resilience” of the economies of both provinces by supporting business and job creation. Through its presence in both provinces, ENCQOR 5G is very well positioned to be an active player in this economic recovery plan.

ENCQOR 5G: An Active Player in the Economic Recovery
ENCQOR 5G is already helping hundreds of SMEs to integrate the development of solutions and products that can take advantage of 5G, into their business strategy. For our SMEs wishing to grow in the long term and export globally, it will become imperative to market products that can make use of this technology. In fact, in several regions of the world, these new 5G standards are already becoming inevitable.

In a context of revival, we want to continue to offer training and free access to the 5G test bench, which offers the possibility to SMEs, educational and research institutions and innovators to use all 5G frequency ranges, something that is unique in Canada. Requests for free access can be made through our website, in the Quebec or Ontario sections.

More than 450 SMEs from both provinces are already involved with ENCQOR 5G. This is a very encouraging result, which will have to be pursued intensively over the next few years. It will enable us to continue to actively help not only our SMEs but also Canada’s economy as a whole prosper in our new global digital environment.