Montreal, Quebec, Wednesday, March 17, 2021 – AIoT Canada is pleased to announce a collaboration with ENCQOR 5G to accelerate the adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. ENCQOR 5G is a transformational public-private partnership focused on research and innovation of 5G technologies.

As an NPO, AIoT Canada addresses the issue of the high complexity of IoT projects and the application of Artificial Intelligence, which require advanced skills in various domains, such as healthcare, manufacturing 4.0, smart cities and buildings, or retail. AIoT Canada considers the Internet of Things combined with Artificial Intelligence as an essential vector of economic and social development. The scope of this field is such that it is now essential to bring together best practices and key industry and research partners in order for Canada to maintain its leadership position on the international stage.

Through this collaboration with ENCQOR 5G, AIoT will have the opportunity to establish synergies to propel education and training programs, technology demonstrations and various projects to drive 5G, AI and IoT innovation.

ENCQOR has established a 5G network to provide companies of all sizes, IT professionals, public and private sector researchers, and graduate students with rapid access to a state-of-the-art 5G development and testing platform for prototyping new products and services. ENCQOR 5G has five innovation hubs in Quebec and Ontario, located in Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Waterloo.

“We are delighted to team up with ENCQOR 5G to share our technology expertise in the Canadian market and contribute to this innovative ecosystem,” said Nesrine Zemirli, CEO of AIoT Canada. “This is an opportunity to support the development of this ecosystem of technology, industry and academic partners in order to increase the competitiveness of companies on the international stage by leveraging the opportunities offered by 5G technology,” she added.

 About AIoT Canada
The AIoT Canada Cluster is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the growth, competitiveness and outreach of its members, both locally and internationally. By bringing together a wide range of complementary expertise, AIoT Canada increases the capacity of each of its members to develop competitive and coherent solutions in all areas of AI and IoT applications. AIoT Canada is mainly focused on the realization of projects covering the entire value chain, but also addresses global issues such as data security, IoT platform development or standards and best practices for the use of AI and IoT technologies at the regional, national and international levels to bring back the control, security and governance of critical data in our companies.

The ENCQOR 5G initiative is funded by the governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, as well as key industry players: Ericsson, Ciena, Thales, CGI and IBM. ENCQOR 5G is coordinated by ENCQOR Innovation. It is implemented in Ontario by OCE and in Quebec by ENCQOR Innovation, Prompt and ADRIQ. The mandate of the program is to bring together SMEs and academia to contribute to the advancement of research, innovation and application demonstration through a pre-commercial 5G test bed. ENCQOR 5G has 5 innovation centers located in Ontario and Quebec offering a 5G platform where SMEs can develop and test new solutions.

 AIoT Canada

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