5G technology is generating innovation in Quebec and Ontario, as demonstrated by our latest data on the 300+ SMEs currently participating in the ENCQOR 5G program. There are several SMEs working on the development and testing of innovative technologies not only in the areas of smart cities and the Internet of Things, but also in media and entertainment; telecommunications and IT; transport and mobility; health; and cybersecurity and fintech, to name a few (please see the graph below for the full range of sectors).

This wide variety of fields illustrates the versatility of 5G and its applications in many spheres of economic and social life, as well as the benefits it can bring to the lives of Canadians.

The current crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic also validates the potential benefits of 5G to make our economy more resilient and to offer new solutions in critical sectors such as health and education. ENCQOR 5G is very proud to support these SMEs whose work is helping to shape the world of tomorrow.

Pierre Boucher
General Manager, ENCQOR 5G