Call for projets – Resilience to Pandemics

ENCQOR 5G is pleased to announce the launch of a technological challenge for Quebec and Ontario SMEs to develop innovative 5G solutions to help Canada become more resilient when facing situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Without restricting the challenge to specific areas, the solutions sought could notably be applied to the health and educational sectors, or various economic sectors, such as transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and smart cities.

We want to provide our support to SMEs, which will be able to envision and develop creative solutions to meet the challenges raised by situations such as the present pandemic, through leveraging new and numerous possibilities offered by 5G technology. The COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity for Quebec and Ontario SMEs to contribute their expertise in reinventing the way things are done in various key sectors of human activity and to make us collectively stronger in times of crisis.

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