Machine Quality of Experience


5G (ENCQOR) Technology Development Challenge for SMEs

Machine Quality of Experience

Challenge Launch Date:

August 7th, 2020

Challenge Deadline: 

September 31, 2020

Challenge Statement:

5G networks provide low latency and ultra-high reliability required to deploy IoT systems with stringent requirements such as autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, smart grids, Industrial IoT (IIoT), and remote surgery. To ensure consistent quality of experience (QoE) to their subscribers, providers of these IoT applications need to consistently monitor a diversity of key performance indicators.

The goal of this project is to run multiple use cases and use the Machine QoE framework designed by Ericsson to automatically discover and learn the traffic patterns and to predict the QoE.

Project Partner:

Ericsson Canada Inc.


12 months

Available Funding:

Up to 300 000$ CAD

Applicant Type:

SME with less 500 employees registered in Quebec


At SME location in Quebec with 5G testing in one of ENCQOR 5G Hubs in MTL or QC.

Project Details:

  • Deploy an IoT application with stringent requirements and its connected devices on a 5G testbed.
  • Execute several uses cases with requirements on different metrics, latency, reliability, availability, response time, bursting or energy efficiency.
  • Collect network performance metrics for traffic patterns analysis.
  • Use the provided M-QoE framework to predict the Machine QoE of your application and connected devices
  • Written Q&A will be supported.
    • Please submit your written question to Antoine Auger ( by September 1st for first batch and September 15thfor the second.
    • All questions and answers will be available to all challenge participants

Project Goals/Outcomes:

  • A Proof of Concept system for end-to-end measurement of IoT metrics and applications patterns discovery.
  • An artificial intelligence (AI) system trained for more specific prediction of the IoT QoE (per-device type, per-connection type and per-vertical industry).

Applicant Capabilities:

  • Experience in developing end-to-end IoT solutions including devices, connectivity and application server.
  • Understanding of 5G capabilities for IoT
  • Experience with network traffic analysis tools.

Additional Information:

  • We want to select 2 or 3 SMEs from different industries
  • If available, it is highly recommended that interested SMEs participate to one of the free 5G trainings offered by ENCQOR (

How to participate:

  • Each SME interested to participate to this challenge must have an iPaaS access (free) in order to understand the 5G technological stacks they will work with for the challenge. SMEs with no iPaaS access need to apply here et select ‘Ericsson call for projects (Machine “Quality of Experience (QoE)”)’ in the first drop down menu
  • Selected SMEs will be invited for a live demo/presentation with the project owners

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