5G (ENCQOR) Technology Development Challenge for SMEs

5G opportunities for Connected Communities

Call for Projects: Public Safety and Smart City 5G applications and solutions

Challenge Launch Date:


Challenge Deadline: 


Challenge Statement:

With the newly created Laboratoire urbain 5G, the City of Montreal wish to emulate a concerted and optimal approach to the deployment and use of the 5G infrastructure within the City’s urban landscape

This call of project is a unique opportunity for the selected companies and/or organizations to test et deploy at scale specific applications and solutions that will harness the benefits of 5G technologies in a real-life urban setting working with the City’s operational services and telecom operators.

Project Partner:

Ville de Montreal


Project can have a duration between 5 and 24 months and must end by December 31st, 2023

Available Funding:

No specific financing is available for this call of projects. All projects accepted must be self-funded by the project owner.

Applicant Type:

All companies legally registered in Québec or in Canada


The urban area covered by the City of Montreal 5G Lab located in the city center (4,1 km2)

If eligible, companies registered in Quebec or Ontario could have access to the Encqor 5G infrastructure for testing purposes until March 2022 (3 hubs in Ontario, 2 in Quebec)

Project Details:

The proposed project must use 5G technologies and preferably covers the 3 following technological axis

  • WIFI 6 and 5 technologies
  • Public safety
  • Smart City

Furthermore, the proposed project should ideally be aligned with the City of Montréal’s strategic plan Montréal 2030 aiming to:

  • Accelerate the Green transition
  • Reinforce community inclusion, solidarity and equity
  • Amplify local democracy and community participation
  • Stimulate innovation and creativity


Project Goals/Outcomes:

  • A minimum viable product (MVP) or a proof of concept (POC) or the validation of a real life, in situ solution/application within the 5G test area defined by the city of Montréal where it will be deployed/scaled.

Applicant Capabilities:

  • All expertise needed to deploy/scale the proposed solution in a real-life urban environment with an advanced knowledge of 5G protocols and underlying technologies

Additional Information:

  • Collaborative/appropriation projects involving multiple companies and/or research organizations are welcome with a single project lead
  • It expected that projects will have a stage of development with a TRL 6 or above (see definition).
  • Important note : Absolutely no devices or sensors can be deployed/fixed on the urban fabric/furniture belonging to the City of Montreal

How to participate:

  • Each organization interested must apply using the following form and choose the following field ‘Ville de Montreal call for projects’ in the first drop down menu. A presentation of the organization and project that will answer of the following criterias (in .pdf, .docx, etc…) needs to be attached at the end of the filled form.

Please make sure to check the selection criteria to consolidate your project presentation : https://quebec.encqor.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Crite%CC%80res-de-se%CC%81lection-2.0-final-ENCQOR_Anglais1.pdf 

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