5G Network based SLAM Prototyping


5G (ENCQOR) Technology Development Challenge for SMEs

5G Network based SLAM Prototyping

Challenge Launch Date:

August 17th, 2020

Challenge Deadline: 

September 18, 2020

Challenge Statement:

5G Network based SLAM Prototyping

Project Partner:

Ericsson Canada Inc.


Expect the project execution to start Oct 1 and completed by Dec 30.

Available Funding:

85 000$ CAD

Applicant Type:

SME (less than 500 employees) registered in Quebec with localization expertise


At SME location in Quebec with 5G testing -as needed- in one of ENCQOR 5G Hubs in MTL or QC..

Project Details:

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is often used by robotics systems and automotive to map the world and locate the vehicle. We envision a 5G network-based approach to offload work to the network side while keeping the device side hardware lean and low cost.

Project Goals/Outcomes:

  • A demo system that runs on Ericsson 5G test environment;

  • A benchmark report showing the performance gain

  • A recommendation of a realistic client hardware architecture.

Applicant Capabilities:

  • Companies with expertise in precise localization and map-ping capabilities

Additional Information:

  • Additional project phases may be added pending outcome
  • It is highly recommended that interested SMEs participate to one of the free 5G trainings offered by ENCQOR as available (https://quebec.encqor.ca/formations/)

How to participate:

  • Each SME interested to participate to this challenge must have an iPaaS access (free) in order to understand the 5G technological stacks they will work with for the challenge. SMEs with no iPaaS access need to apply here and select ‘Ericsson call for projects (SLAM Prototyping)’ in the first drop down menu
  • Selected SMEs will be invited for a live demo/presentation with the project owners

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