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Latence Technologies développe et offre des solutions infonuagiques de suivi de faible latence et de haute fiabilité des réseaux 5G. Nous collectons en temps-réel l’état du réseau 5G, analysons les données avec des outils d’apprentissage machine et présentons les indicateurs clés permettant un suivi précis des engagements de qualité de service. La solution, proposée aux opérateurs télécoms, offre aussi des outils pour monétiser les atouts de la 5G.
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Latence Technologies offers cloud-based monetization and tracking solution related to Ultra Reliability & Low Latency and for 5G mobile operators. We collect real-time 5G network status, analyze data with machine learning tools, and present key metrics to accurately track service quality commitments (SLAs). The solution, offered to telecom operators, also offers tools to monetize the advantages of 5G.

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Benoit-Marc Gendron

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5G Latency & SLA Tool (for Mobile operators & Industries)

Latency, SLA, Quality of Service, Network Slices, Optimization, EDGE, NMS, OSS

Software for collecting and analyzing 5G network latency data.

Collection is done from a collection tool connected to the 5G network via a 5G smartphone or a 5G modem. You can use your own module (Raspberry Pi4 or NVidia Jetson type) or purchase a preconfigured one on our website.

The data collected is stored in a cloud environment (AWS or Azure) that is secure and unique for each customer. The data aggregation uses an advanced algorithm and developed in partnership with ETS University. It will identify the key indicators and environmental factors generating variations in 5G network latency.

The data is presented via intuitive and easily modifiable graphical dashboards. It is possible to create alerts according to your conditions and quality of service objectives (eg alert if the average latency is greater than 10ms on B42 / N78 or> 5Ms on N261 tape). An API is available to interface with external systems to send notifications, alerts or data.

The solution also makes it possible to calculate the difference in response time (latency) between (Device to Cloud) versus (Device to EDGE) and thus identify functions that deserve to be repositioned and optimized on the EDGE.

In conclusion, the tool is a first step towards monetizing the ultra low latency of your new 5G networks.

Note that an Enterprise version of the tool will also be offered soon. It will make it possible to calculate the latency in an industrial context (eg manufacture, mine, transport) where low latency is a critical issue for the control of manufacturing (eg robots connected in 5G).

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details or to have a free trial of the software.

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Benoit-Marc Gendron

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